GT Laser trading platform

A fully customisable ,state of the art DMA platform for the sophisticated trader.
A fast and reliable trading platform. running parallel on the latest XEON servers through direct LAN, point to point connections to ECN's, NASDAQ, and NYSE with ping time as low as 1 ms. (Performance is subject to market volatility and volume which may delay access and trade execution).

Whether you are new to trading or have had extensive experience with other day trading execution systems, the General Trade, GT Laser trading platform system provides power and flexibility, which in turn gives the best possible trading solutions and the greatest chance of success. From critical market data presentation to fully customised keystroke command executions, the General Trade GT Laser trading platform has the advantage.
The Platform is fully integrated with NASDAQ’s Totalview and Openview products ,providing more inside liquidity data than the standard level II or NYSE Openbook.
An advanced trading system suitable for both beginner and advanced traders.


Transmission Speeds of less than 1 Millisecond Ideal for the active trader searching for the best performance

Day trading scanner - LASER and Gtrades stock scanners are a cutting edge tool save you the need to search for stocks to daytrade

Access to all U.S stock markets - should you care to trade shares from the main list on the stock market? Want to trade Pink Sheets stocks? Perhaps Over the Counter (OTC) stocks? In General Trade you can trade in all the existing lists in all the American market stocks.

Leverage - you can receive up to 1:10 leverage in day trading. the leverage size is subject to the company’s risk management department.

Advanced Technical Charting helps you to keep abreast of your strategies

Fully Customisable L1,L2,charts,time and sale,blotter,activity windows for the layout, data elements, colour.

Spreadsheet Compatible (Excel)

Custom Alert settings for stock movements Never miss a market move, setup your own alerts

Customise Hotkey - any route, any setting, user defined

Tailor the system to your own preferential layout. Totally user friendly

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